Picount d.o.o. is slovenian company, which start to operate in 2011. It is organized as a partnership company. Highly educated employees has many years of sales and marketing experiences in flower ornamentals, crop protection and Home&Garden busines. Those 3 divisions are main drivers of turnover in a financially stable company.  Our customers recognise the company as logistically excellent performing as well we are proud on our after sales service.  


If you recognise your company as one of our potential supplier for one of our 3 divisions please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Our goal is to supply growers with high quality repro material. Main business in this segmant are youngplants imported from different countries in Europe. In 2014 we invest in our own rooting station where pelargonium and chrysanthemum youngplants are produced for Slovenian and foreign customers.


Sales and marketing activities started in 2013 and we are proud that in very short time we are realized on the market of crop protection as an important distributor in a segments of herbicides for corn and segment of fungicides for grape. We are focused on one product in one segment in order to reach the right potential on the market. 

·         HOME&GARDEN

In 2014 we will start with Home&Garden division as a distributor for Bayer Garden program on Slovenian market.


Logistic&Customer service:


We keep in mind that logistical performance is one of the most important topics, beside producst for customers. Our customer service is dealing directly with ornamental growers and is able to deliver goods in 24 hours to ornamental flower customers locally and abroad.